Sep 14, 2011

11. The next step is to develop the 4th spirit machine

- Currently, the chyuwa institute is working on this machine. -

This 4th machine is being developed based on the idea that humans may have extra senses beyond the five human senses we are aware of. Before the human fall, humankind lived in the original environment created by God. God prepared some sort of a good communication system with his children.I believe this. The 4th machine is being developed specifically to extend human hearing. There is a wide range of wavelengths that cannot be heard.Through this device one can hear the world of sounds that are normally heard by animals alone. Through animals we can learn a lot. By examining the world of sound with a spiritualist I believe that it is possible to communicate with the spirit world. (2001/12/24)

A recent breakthrough in prayer has shown that "shape" is an important communication device in the spirit world. Until now, looking into "form" has not been the main focus. So far we have seen that in the spiritual world there is good application of sound effects and electromagnetic effects, such as mechanical effects. The 3rd machine focused on sound effects. However, by researching sound affects we realized what was wrong. What we found was that success to this project does not follow the logic of modern science. The success of the communication device is practically a revolution against modern science.However, I would not change any values ​​in science today. When considered from this perspective, once again, I felt the need to return my thinking to the root of existence, and gave in to prayer.

I found that "shape" has alot to do with communication with the spirit world.

And it is mainly through the attributes of being positive, proved to the world of phenomena that appear to say that when you take the form of a negative, a positive must appear.

The successful development of this communication device should be a testament to Rev. Moon's statement about God's heart. His statement must revealed the world.

There are a few symbols used in the Unification church that may give insight into building this machine. An example of such a symbol is the Unification flag.

I need to understand the meaning of the Unification flag. Within the planar pattern of Unification flag, I believe there is a three-dimensional structure hidden. The structure of the flag may tell me more about the spirit world.

Although there are difficulties so far we seen positive results . These difficulties are not difficulties with modern science, rather they are difficulties with working with the spirit world. It is challenging to work with the spirit world because a constant sincere attitude as well as complete dedication is required. Many believe that communication with the spirit world will be possible soon.

With the completion of this machine anyone may come to know the spirit world. The scientists who were able to recognize the eternal world have come to understand that this knowledge comes with great responsibility. Rather than separating, religion and science, have opened the way to achieve true happiness and peace for mankind.

If God exists even while death and war prevail, unfortunately mankind would most likely want to take a separate path from God. Recently, Rev. Moon explained that the spirit world will help to develop the world's broadcasting system, thereby bringing great blessing to this system. Hence, the reason to complete this sensing device to spirit world is that God and immortality can be reached through science and technology. There should be ways to communicate with the spirit world. Studies have been attempted before but we must be the ones to be accomplish this machine. This machine will be able to show us God's truth and testify to what Rev. Moon has been advocating.

The idea was to produce sound using the sound energy of the ground field. The spirit world is able to send out vibrations. The main idea is to convert these vibrations into sound wavelengths. However, thus far this has been unsuccessful because the world's vibrations have been interfering with understanding the spirit world's vibrations. It is very difficult to determine just the voice of the spirit world. Therefore, I studied how to distinguish the voice of the spirit world and the world of sound and the ground. Since we could not sufficiently distinguish the sounds with white noise, we have been using ultrasound. The idea is to capture the change of state in the sense of space. I have been quite successful with this method.

Rev. Moon said: "you need a partnership that owns and spiritual power."

Scientists studying the spiritual world must actively exchange and join research with other scientists with similar interests.

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Experimental 4th spirit machine.

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